Mount Moses and St. Catherine's Monastery w Egipcie

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The favorable location and wonderful climate have made Sharm el-Sheikh one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The resort is located in the south of the Sinai Peninsula, 500 kilometers from Cairo and within easy reach of the main historical monuments of Egypt.

Get in touch with antiquity and learn more about the history of Christianity during a trip to Mount Sinai and the monastery of St. Catherine.

The Mount of Moses, or Sinai, is located just 130 kilometers from Sharm el-Sheikh. According to the Biblical texts, it was here that God appeared to Moses and gave him the 10 commandments, so Christians revere Sinai and make pilgrimages to it. There is a church at the top, to which two paths lead: gentle, touristic and more difficult - it is chosen by believers. According to legend, those who climbed the mountain of Moses are forgiven of all sins. Here, the participants of the excursion will meet the dawn and enjoy the stunning panoramas of the surroundings.

The Monastery of St. Catherine, founded in the 4th century AD, is one of the oldest active Christian monasteries in the world. It is located at the foot of the holy Mount Sinai, at an altitude of more than 1500 meters above sea level. The walls of this religious building have witnessed many important historical events, and the monastery itself is repeatedly mentioned in Biblical traditions, and today a huge number of tourists and pilgrims come here.

You will be able to see the legendary chapel of the Burning Bush with your own eyes. This is a holy place, and often believers approach it barefoot as a sign of reverence. According to legend, the non-burning bush mentioned in the Pentateuch, from which God turned to Moses, was precisely the burning bush. This amazing plant is indeed non-flammable - it is assumed that this is due to the high content of essential oils, which evaporate quickly and thus prevent the fire from spreading.

On the territory of the monastery there is another attraction known from the Biblical texts - the well of Moses. This ancient spring is still maintained in good condition, and its waters are considered healing.

Guests of the tour will be able to enter the temple to see the ancient icons and relics of St. Catherine.

It is recommended to bring warm clothes with you.


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