Turkish hammam - the best rest for body and soul w Turcji

A good holiday starts with a Turkish bath!

The traditional Turkish bath, or hammam, is a real oriental ritual of purity. Decorated with amazingly beautiful tiles, the stone halls of hamams have been serving as a place of rest and purification not only for the body, but also for the soul for many centuries. The main feature of the Turkish bath is that a special temperature regime is maintained in the halls: the hammam does not burn, it gently envelops you with warmth.

In the central hall of the hammam there is a large stone table, it is on its hot plates that the action of massage and peeling takes place. By the way, peeling with a hard washcloth is the best preparation of the skin for an even and lasting tan.

The Turkish bath has a healing effect: it improves blood circulation, helps with respiratory diseases, relieves insomnia, deeply cleanses and moisturizes the skin, making it smooth and radiant.

The tour is available in all regions of the coast.