Swimming with dolphins w Republice Dominikańskiej


Have you dreamed of swimming in the ocean with dolphins? By nature, these cute creatures are very friendly and sociable, literally immediately they can make friends with a swimmer and give a charge of good mood and joy for the rest of the day. Both children and adults feel an atmosphere of surprise and delight - after all, it is dolphins that have an amazing property - to give people boundless joy, as well as relieve stress! You will get incomparable pleasure from communicating with these amazing marine animals. The dolphin will play with the ladies, roll the fins, dance the waltz just like in the performances with the trainers, and even give a kiss. You will feel extraordinary lightness after the session, and all negative emotions will go away, giving way to euphoria from communicating with new friends from the underwater world!

Tour duration: half day

*For more information, please contact the ANEX Tour representative at your hotel.