Colors of the Dominican Republic w Republice Dominikańskiej


A fascinating journey into the modern life of the Dominican Republic. You will learn not only the history of this country, but also the most interesting areas of Dominican life. A visit to Conquest Park, which is of interest from a historical point of view, will tell you about the life of the Indians who inhabited these lands hundreds of years ago. At one of the largest cigar factories, you will plunge into the world of cigar production and find out what exactly makes the Dominican Republic a world leader in this industry. The central plant of Ron Barceló will also open its doors to you. Here, having learned all the steps and secrets of creating the most famous Dominican rum in the world, you will taste this wonderful drink. And without missing the sweet industry of the Dominican Republic, get to know one of the best chocolate factories, where you will be told and shown all the stages of creating natural chocolate and will be given the opportunity to create your own chocolate and natural cocoa butter soap, which will be a great souvenir of this trip. You will have a great opportunity to walk along the stone streets of the historical part of Santo Domingo and visit the 4D cinema. 

Tour duration: full day

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