La Hacienda Park w Republice Dominikańskiej

Journey through the unique La-Hacienda park in the rainforests of the Dominican Republic.

The program includes: extreme buggy driving, climbing the mountain (lift) and scenic descent by cable car, jump with insurance, riding Spanish horses, tasting cocoa and coffee.

Tour description:

At 08:00 - Departure from the hotel for an amazing journey through the forests of the Dominican Republic.

At 10:00 - You will arrive at Rancho La Hacienda. This is a unique place where among the tropical forests tourists are offered a huge amount of entertainment and extreme activities. Acquaintance with the nature of the island, its culture and adrenaline await you.

At 10:10 - Registration at the reception of the ranch and division into groups.

At 10:30 - Your extreme journey will begin with a Polaris buggy safari. You will follow a special tourist route through the wild forests of the Dominican Republic. You will stop at the Anamuya River - a mountain river with crystal clear water. Here you can swim or just cool off. The river flows in a picturesque valley among dense island vegetation.

At 11:30 - You will transfer to the lift, which will take you up the mountain.

At 11:45 - You will finish the ascent, during which you can enjoy the freshness of the local air and scenic views.

On the cable cars, the descent from the mountain will begin. Get ready for speed (70 km/h), adrenaline and unforgettable experiences. The park has several zip-line routes over a kilometer long and up to 200 meters high.

At 12:45 - You will have the opportunity to overcome your fear of heights by jumping from a height of 20 meters. Extreme attraction is completely safe. The jump is made with insurance under the supervision of an instructor.

At 13:00 - You will again transfer to the buggy and drive to the ranch with horses. Along the way you will see thickets of sugar cane, cocoa plantations, villages of local residents. Here you can take part in the tasting of local cocoa and coffee.

At 14:30 - Riding a Dominican horse of Spanish breeds. This is a unique opportunity to see some of the fastest stallions in the world.

At 15:20 - You will have a snack and rest at the ranch. You will have free time to take photos and explore the ranch on your own.

At 16:30 - We say goodbye to the ranch and its inhabitants. You will be taken back to your hotel in a comfortable minibus.

At 18:00 — With a sea of emotions and memories of the flight, you will return to the hotel and continue your unforgettable vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Price includes:

  • participation in all activities in the park;
  • transfer;
  • water;
  • lunch;
  • Coffee and cocoa tasting

Recommended to bring:

  • comfortable shoes;
  • bathing accessories;
  • change of clothes;
  • headdress;
  • sunglasses;
  • sunscreen;
  • photo and video camera;
  • money;
  • warm clothes for the bus.


  • Adult — $99;
  • Children — $99.

Rules for obtaining a sightseeing ticket on the route:

  • After an informational meeting with a representative at the hotel, the guest chooses the date of the tour according to the tour schedule.
  • The representative at the hotel exchanges the tour voucher for a tour ticket.
  • On the eve of the tour, a representative at the hotel notifies guests of the exact time of departure for the tour.

Rules for canceling, postponing, replacing an excursion:

  • If the guest was unable to attend the tour due to illness, the money will be returned in full if there is a medical certificate from the doctor of our insurance company (if the certificate indicates that the guest has “bed rest” and the date of the tour is included in this period ). This rule does not apply to excursions related to air travel, hotel accommodation, included entrance fees.
  • If the guest was unable to attend the tour due to the illness of a child (under 12 years old), the funds are returned in full for the sick child and one adult (only if there is a medical certificate from the doctor of our insurance company). For all other adults and children, standard cancellation policies apply. This rule does not apply to excursions related to air travel, hotel accommodation, included entrance fees.
  • In case of non-appearance of guests for an excursion for unexcused reasons, the money will not be returned. Claims are not accepted.
  • Being late for more than 15 minutes to the departure of the bus for the tour, as well as at any of the tour stops, is considered a refusal of the tour. Money is not returned. Claims are not accepted.
  • If the tour is canceled by the host office, the money will be returned in full.
  • In the event of a change in the price of a booked excursion at the time of the guest's arrival at the destination, the host party has the right to withhold