Manati Park w Republice Dominikańskiej

The first theme park in Bavaro and Punta Cana. The park was built in 1996 and offers its visitors the opportunity to interact directly with the exotic and endemic animals of the island. The park hosts 5 different animal shows every day (dolphins, sea lions, horses, parrots and a Taino dance show). In Manati Park you can see a lot of iguanas - it is here that the largest reproductive center of these reptiles in the Dominican Republic is located. Swim with Dolphins is the very first swim with dolphins program in the Dominican Republic. The park can be walked around in less than five hours, both in the morning and in the afternoon. Dolphin, sea lion, parrot and Taino dance shows can be seen in the morning and afternoon, and the horse show once a day.
In addition to the show, other animals can be seen in the park, for example, from crocodiles, capuchin monkeys, coats, or spider monkeys, iguanas of rinoserot. It will be possible to communicate with the animals, feed them and take a photo with them as a keepsake.

Tour duration: half day

*For more information, please contact the ANEX Tour representative at your hotel.