Planet of the Apes and zip lines w Republice Dominikańskiej

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

You will go to a real paradise, where nature and man live in perfect harmony. Visit the coconut house for a tasting of exotic fruits, coffee and cocoa. Then you will go on an excursion with an escort, where you can get to know and communicate with friendly squirrel monkeys. Charming little animals will delight guests with hospitality and interest in guests. After that, an exciting adventure in the park with cable cars awaits you. On 12 zip-lines between 18 platforms, you will feel like a bird, admire the natural scenery from above and, of course, take spectacular photos for memory.


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  • For those wishing to purchase national products: cigars, rum, coffee, cocoa, organic cosmetics and souvenirs, we offer a free shuttle service to the souvenir center. Departure daily. Booking with your guide is required.
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