Gramvousa Island w Grecji

On this  excursion you will travel through the unique sea, the color of which has many shades. The shores of the island of Gramvousa are famous for the confluence of three seas here: Cretan, Ionian and Libyan.

You will climb to the top of the island, where the ruins of the 17th century Venetian fortress are located, which served as a haven for pirates, which was visited by the most invincible pirate Barbarossa. In the fortress you will see a church built by Russian craftsmen. After exploring the island, go to the Balos lagoon and swim on an unusually beautiful beach. Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited Balos Bay during their honeymoon.

Entrance fees not included: Island fee 1 euro.

Recommended for the tour: comfortable shoes, sun hat, swimwear, sunscreen.

Food and drinks: lunch included.