Palace of Knossos - Archanes - Heraklion w Grecji

Just a few kilometers from the city of Heraklion is the most famous archaeological site of the island. You will visit the excavations of the Palace of Knossos, the center of the Minoan civilization that arose in Crete 4 thousand years ago.

The complex architecture of the palace resembles a labyrinth and amazes the imagination of visitors. The myths about the Minotaur, the brave Theseus, the beautiful Ariadne and the wise King Minos come to life in the legendary Knossos.

After visiting the palace, you will go to the  Minoan Theme Center and see a spectacular performance in which all the heroes of the Minoan period are presented. Modern technologies allow you to travel back to the Minoan era and feel its atmosphere.

During the performance, you will taste dishes prepared according to Minoan recipes.

The program will continue in the historical center of Heraklion, where Venizelos Square is located, or as the townspeople call it, “Lions Square”. Visitors will have enough free time to explore the sights of modern Heraklion, relax and shop.

Entrance tickets not included: Palace of Knossos - 15 euros.

Recommended for the excursion: comfortable shoes, sun hat, sunscreen, water.

Food and drinks: included.