Santorini island w Grecji

A sea cruise to the island of Santorini is one of the most colorful and unforgettable excursions.

Santorini is the only volcanic island in Europe. The harsh beauty of the surrounding landscape, with rocks of black solidified lava, reflects the majesty of the nature of the ancient volcano and is a constant reminder of the power of the forces lurking in the bowels of the earth. Santorini is not only rocks and hardened black lava. Small cities of the island with prominent blue domes of churches, masterfully built on sharp cliffs, narrow, winding streets - all this imperceptibly takes you to the distant past, to long-vanished ancient civilizations, whose paths crossed here and left their legacy.

The recently discovered ancient city of Akrotiri gives an idea of the famous Minoan civilization that once shone here as brightly as on Crete.

The location and finds found there led many famous archaeologists to believe that if the legendary Atlantis really existed, then it could not have been a more suitable place for this.

Entry fees not included.

Recommended for the tour: comfortable shoes, sun hat, swimwear, sunscreen.

Food and drinks: not included.