Diving w Grecji

Guests have the opportunity to dive into the blue waters of the Aegean Sea and see the life of underwater inhabitants under the supervision of an experienced instructor to the highest safety and quality standards.

Underwater exploration - various dives

Programs for certified divers of all levels. Almost all types of Diving (Deep Reef, Wall, Drift, Cavern, Wreck* Night* < /strong>etc.)  At least 10 dive sites are available.

Try scuba” for beginners (no experience)

The first level of diving. Applicants take the first academic lesson and introductory immersion. The dive time is about 25 minutes, the maximum depth is 6 meters. “Try scuba” is a one day course lasting 2 hours. Students receive a  pre-cert card in advance, with which they can proceed to the next level (more than one day of study) and receive a certificate.

Personal Instructor Dive  - Pro Service

This program is designed for clients who want personalized service and don't want to depend on time, place, etc. The instructor plans, prepares the dive operation, accompanies the client in the water and takes care of any needs that may arise. The duration of the program depends on the client's request.

DIVING COURSES - with international certificate

Scuba diver

The easiest way to become a certified diver. Duration 2 days, allows you to take part in a diving excursion at a maximum depth of 12 meters.  The certificate is international and can be used worldwide.

Open water diver

The most popular way to become a certified diver. The duration is 4 days, and it allows divers to dive to a depth of 18 meters. This certificate is also international.