Jeep safari w Grecji

This tour combines beautiful nature, panoramic views, exciting off-road driving, Greek villages and lots of fun.

In the morning we pack up and head to the village of Maritsa in the center of the island, from where off-road driving will start immediately.

After passing through Psynthos, we cross the river bed (with water), after which we arrive at the Seven Springs, where we will have a short stop so that you can have a coffee and go through the famous tunnel, which does not penetrate the light.

In half an hour we will continue our off-road journey, and the next stop will be in the town of Funtukli, where the Church of St. Nicholas, built in the 15th century, is located. After that, we will head through the mountains to the Aegean Sea. Upon reaching Fanes, guests will have free time to have lunch and swim. Try the Greek starters souvlaki and tzatziki (not included in the price, optional, 10 euros per person). Driving starts again in the village of St. Soulla, where you will drive through incredibly steep hills and enjoy beautiful views at the end of this adrenaline-filled day.

The tour lasts approximately 6 hours. Accompaniment in English.

Entry tickets not included:


What to bring:

Driver's license, comfortable shoes, swimwear, sunscreen, camera

Food and drink:

Not included

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