Balloon w Hiszpanii

You will be among those to whom the heavens have revealed their secrets. If you decide to conquer the heavens together with your loved one or with friends, then the expanse of air will invariably give you a feeling of happiness and energize you with involvement in the Eternal. A flight in a hot air balloon (according to more strict terminology - a balloon) is difficult to describe in words: the sensations received cannot be conveyed either by photography or video filming. What is the value of a verbal description in this case, if it needs to be felt personally? You need to be in the balloon basket yourself, see the earth from a height, birds flying nearby, feel the heat from the burner flame above your head, and feel the feeling of freedom in the endless sky.

With the first ray of sunshine, you will head to Manacor, the second largest city in Mallorca, where you can take part in preparing the balloon for flight. Your journey will last one hour, but the impressions will last a lifetime. Rising into the sky, from a bird's eye view you will see majestic mountains, fertile plains, romantic and secluded bays, as well as magnificent sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.