Mallorca contrasts. Exclusive from ANEXtour w Hiszpanii

This unforgettable full-day excursion, which is almost impossible to organize on your own. It includes all the best you can dream of when you get to Mallorca: an unforgettable beach, local cuisine, wines, getting to know the traditions visiting the locals.

Early in the morning, accompanied by the first rays of the sun, we find ourselves on one of the most picturesque beaches of Mallorca - Formentor Beach, on the northern cape, and before that there will be a short stop at the picturesque viewpoint Es Colomer. After swimming in the azure waters and relaxing on the snow-white sandy beach surrounded by pine trees, we take a short boat trip along the striking northern landscape of the island. Next, we will head to the heart of the island, nestled among the holm oaks, an international pilgrimage site - Lluk Monastery. Its main shrine is a small figurine of the Blessed Virgin (La Moreneta - Smuglyanochka), which, according to legend, was found by an Arab shepherd boy in a cave. The figurine was transferred to the church, but the next day it disappeared, and was again found in a cave, and then a chapel was erected over it, where  thousands of pilgrims flock to this day.

And in conclusion, we will visit a Majorcan winery, buried in vineyards and fruit trees. It is known that in the middle of the 19th century Mallorca was the main supplier of wine to Europe. Friendly hosts will invite you to visit, where they will discover the secrets of making their own wines and champagnes exclusively from local grape varieties. And, of course, you will have the opportunity to dine on real Spanish paella cooked on a campfire and taste local wines and liquors.

This tour is just a storehouse of information, and a real source of positive emotions - it will impress even the most demanding tourists.