Marineland w Hiszpanii

There is a wonderful marine zoo in Mallorca, where, in addition, shows of sea lions and dolphins are held. We advise you to allocate a whole day to visit the Marineland Park (Mallorca) to look with your children at the most amazing inhabitants of the seas.

Why is visiting this place such a popular family activity in Mallorca? Probably because here you can get a lot of positive emotions. They are given by smart and charming animals. Dolphin and sea lion shows take place in the neighboring pools. Marine mammals perform incredible stunts. Part of each pool has a transparent wall through which you can see how the animals swim under the water.

Enthusiasts will have the chance to swim with dolphins and learn more about their lifestyle. To do this, you need to sign up for participation in the "Meeting with Dolphins" program. Children over 7 years old can also become its participants.

In Marineland Mallorca there are also feathered artists - colorful parrots. They help the captain to keep order on the ship, look for treasures, roller-skate and participate in many other funny numbers.

During the breaks between different shows, we recommend visiting the Marine Zoo. In it you will see waterfowl, monkeys and reptiles. Among the inhabitants of the zoo there are also animals that were kicked out of the house by negligent owners. There is also a clinic for turtles here where broken shells are repaired. Recovered reptiles are released back into the wild. But some remain to live in Marineland Mallorca, in the company of lizards, snakes and frogs.

The Mallorca Marine Park also has a large aquarium, where fish from tropical seas are mainly represented. Harmless stingrays live in a contact aquarium, and vicious piranhas and sharks are separated from the audience by reliable glass. Colorful "stone gardens" grow in the water - this is what corals are sometimes called.