Palm Aquarium w Hiszpanii

Would you like to visit the underwater kingdom and touch the mystery of the life of the inhabitants of the seas and oceans? Then the doors of the aquarium are open for you! The aquarium also invites you to take a trip into the past, where you can discover the secrets of the evolution of marine life.

In 2007, this modern center was created, where the people of Majorca lovingly introduced to your attention the mysterious neighbors: the inhabitants of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as exotic inhabitants of all the underwater corners of the planet.

You will meet with a huge number of fish - more than 8 thousand specimens, as well as more than 700 inhabitants of the deep sea, who live in 55 large aquariums that completely repeat their habitat. You can learn a lot about the life of fish in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The total area of the marine park-aquarium is more than 40,000 m2, which also houses huge outdoor tropical pools. For the smallest visitors of the aquarium there is an opportunity to become a member of the crew of a pirate ship.