Samana Authentic w Republice Dominikańskiej

Lush tropical vegetation and fabulously beautiful beaches make the Samana Peninsula one of the most beautiful places on Earth. A picturesque peninsula with untouched virgin nature. Its southern part is washed by the Samana Bay, where the island of Cayo Levantado is located, which has become the backdrop for advertising the famous Bacardi rum.

You will have the opportunity to walk through the picturesque jungle to the Los Cocos waterfall and see how papaya, cocoa, coffee, bananas, noni grow. You will visit the wild beach of El Valle, the city of Santa Barbara and the paradise island of Cayo Levantado. Lunch will be held in a restaurant with a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Napoleon Bridge.

Tour duration: full day

*For more information, please contact the ANEX Tour representative at your hotel.