Airborne Safari w Republice Dominikańskiej

A fascinating journey that has won thousands of hearts. During the Airborne Safari tour you will not only visit the most beautiful surroundings of Punta Cana, but also get acquainted with the life and life of the country - and all this while driving a UAZ 469. First of all, you are a sender to the Eastern National Park to swim in the crystal clear water of the lake called the Blue Hole. You will have the opportunity to visit the easternmost toka of the Dominican Republic - Cape Enganyo, as well as Macau Beach, where you will have time to relax, swim in the ocean and have a delicious lunch. After lunch you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery of the Oriental Cordillera; visit coffee and cocoa plantations, where you can see how many exotic fruits grow, and taste coffee and cocoa.

The pearl of the tour is a visit to the observation deck - Loma de la Cruz, which offers a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Samana Peninsula. Airborne - no one but us! 

Tour duration: full day

*For more information, please contact the ANEX Tour representative at your hotel.