Quad Bike Adventure + Mount Redonda w Republice Dominikańskiej

Days: Wednesday, Saturday.

You will have a rest on Mount Redonda with a view of the mountains and lagoons of the Dominican Republic. At the top, you'll ride on a panoramic swing and then dine on a Dominican dish with grilled pig and drinks. After relaxing, set off on an exclusive 3-hour quad bike safari route. You will fly through tropical coconut groves and the Atlantic coast, explore rice fields and wild Caribbean beaches. On the way, you will have two stops - for tasting real sugar cane and coconut, as well as for colorful pictures surrounded by exotic nature.


  • ANEX Tour Company reserves the right to change the program and days of excursions. For up-to-date information, please contact the ANEX Tour representative at your hotel.
  • For those wishing to purchase national products: cigars, rum, coffee, cocoa, organic cosmetics and souvenirs, we offer a free shuttle service to the souvenir center. Departure daily. Booking with your guide is required.
  • ANEX Tour is not responsible for tours and goods purchased from individuals and other companies, except for representatives of ANEX Tour.