Santo Domingo Deluxe w Republice Dominikańskiej

Programme: Vegafina cigar factory, Conquista Park - the best park-museum dedicated to local tribes, Tres Ojos cave with amazing blue lakes, ancient street of Las Damas, 4D theater, lighthouse of Christopher Columbus .

Tour description:

At 07:00 - Tour of the capital of the Dominican Republic will begin with a general meeting at the hotel in Bavaro.

At 08:15 - The first point on our map will be the Vegafina cigar factory. Here you will get acquainted with one of the cultural attractions of the Dominican Republic - cigars. Everyone knows that the best cigars are made in the Caribbean. At the factory, you will see local workers rolling Dominican cigars. This is real art!

At 08:45 - Next, one of the best places not only in the Dominican Republic, but in the whole world - Conquista Park awaits you. The ethnographic park with a museum is dedicated to the life of the Taino tribes. Many consider it to be the best museum of its kind. Huts, life and clothing of the tribes are recreated here. The number of exhibits and detailing are at the highest level! You will find yourself in the time of Christopher Columbus, see the indigenous people and feel what the Spanish sailors experienced when they met the locals.

At 11:00 - Then you will go to the amazing caves of Santo Domingo. Tres Ojos is a huge cave with high arches, at the bottom of which there are sky-blue lakes. In the rays of the tropical sun, which descends into the cave to a depth of 15 meters, the water of the lakes shimmers with all sea colors: it becomes turquoise, then blue, then dark blue.

At 12:15 - You will go for a walk along one of the oldest streets in the Dominican Republic - Las Damas. A magnificent street surrounded by stunning ancient colorful houses and bars will be your guide to Dominican culture. The street will lead you to Columbus Square. You will see the first cathedral of America - the Cathedral of Santo Domingo (16th century).

At 12:30 - After the walk you will visit the 4D theater.

At 13:00 - Lunch at a cozy restaurant COLUMBUS PLAZA with traditional Dominican dishes.

At 14:00 - The capital of the Dominican Republic is a unique place where you can buy the rarest local fabrics, clothes, jewelry and handmade souvenirs. Almost all products can be found in a single copy. You will have free time for shopping.

At 15:30 - You will stop at the lighthouse of Christopher Columbus. This place is famous for the fact that here is the ashes of Christopher Columbus, the navigator who discovered America. The huge building-memorial was under construction for 6 years, spotlights are installed on it, which project a giant cross upwards. The cross is visible for many kilometers.

At 18:30 - Tour of the amazing capital of the Dominican Republic ends.

Return to the hotel.

Price includes:

  • Russian guide;
  • transfer;
  • lunch and drinks;
  • entry tickets;
  • audio guide

Recommended to bring:

  • water;
  • sunscreen;
  • headdress;
  • comfortable shoes;
  • photo and video equipment;
  • money;
  • mask.


  • Adult — $99;
  • Children — $59.

Rules for obtaining a sightseeing ticket on the route:

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  • The representative at the hotel exchanges the tour voucher for a tour ticket.
  • On the eve of the tour, a representative at the hotel notifies guests of the exact time of departure for the tour.

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  • If the guest was unable to attend the tour due to the illness of a child (under 12 years old), the funds are returned in full for the sick child and one adult (only if there is a medical certificate from the doctor of our insurance company). For all other adults and children, standard cancellation policies apply. This rule does not apply to excursions related to air travel, hotel accommodation, included entrance fees.
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  • Maximum group size is 45 people.
  • The tour can be purchased immediately when booking a hotel, if the hotel is in the resort of Punta Cana and Bayajibe.